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The Reel Debaters Podcast

Episode 239 / 24th Feb, 2024
// The Sick Bad Panda Studios Team
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Sick Bad Panda Studios

Nestled in the heart of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Sick Bad Panda Studios stands as a creative hub for the art of podcasting. The studio, adorned with cinema decor and an ambiance between a harmonious blend of professionalism and creative comfort, offers an ideal setting for podcasters to bring their ideas to fruition

Sick Bad Panda Studios would love to host a diverse array of podcasts but at the moment The Reel Debaters' hold a prominent and only slot. Renowned for their "insightful" entertaining discussions on all things cinema, The Reel Debaters' infuse passion and expertise into every episode. With their charismatic personalities and comedic analyses, they transform each discussion into an engaging cinematic journey, enticing listeners to join them in exploring the vast landscape of film.